Monday, June 8, 2015


This afternoon I went to a two hour, intense, comprehensive eye exam to determine whether I needed cornea transplants in both eyes.  If you want the long story, call me.  The short version is that I DO NOT have to have eye surgery.  Hallelujah.  I really was having a difficult time thinking about anything coming near my eyes, especially the kinds of things that remove corneas and glue new corneas onto my naked eyeballs???!!  #eek 

During my lengthy visit, the doctors put several drops of things in my eyes, including that stuff that dilates your pupils, which I had been forewarned about.  They reminded me several times before my visit to make sure I had a pair of sunglasses with me for the drive home.  And they even offered me a pair of their cute funky plastic ones when I checked out, in case I had forgotten mine.  But they neglected to tell me that even after 90 minutes, I still would not be able to see clearly, and a designated driver would have been a handy thing to bring along.  I totally should NOT have driven home by myself.  But I did.  And I'm writing this, so I obviously made it safely home, but honestly, it was a little sketchy.  It's a good thing I know the way and it was the middle of the day, because things like those big green signs and the dividing lines on the road were a little distorted.  

What I was able to see very clearly, though, was the beautiful blue sky and the puffy white clouds, which I had noticed on the drive down to the doctor's office earlier in the afternoon.  Holy cow, was it a gorgeous day today!  Between my very blurry vision and the distraction of the world around me, it's a wonder I even made it home.  

I exited the tollway on the less traveled road that leads to my house, pulled over into an empty parking lot, fished my phone out of my purse, got out of my car, tried to figure out how to turn on the camera without being able to actually SEE the screen in the brightness of the day, crawled underneath a tall, leggy, grassy plant, and shot this picture...  And then I got back in my car and drove home without knowing what, if anything, I had taken a picture of.  

When I got home, it was a little bit like watching a Polaroid picture come into focus and full color, only it was my eyes that I was waiting for.  And what a happy surprise to find this...

Overall, I'd say today was a pretty huge success.
  • Hooray for blind photography skills!
  • Hooray for making it safely home.  
  • Hooray for no cornea transplants!
  • ...and hooray for the spectacularly beautiful planet we live on and the ability to see it!

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  1. Yay for you!!
    And that photo!!
    Frame it!
    Submit it!
    I'm serious!!!!