Sunday, June 7, 2015

Summer Goals

A few weeks ago, when it was still raining and summer seemed a lot farther away, I made our SUMMER GOALS list in an effort to get myself into a sunnier disposition.  Something about cutting and pasting always makes me so happy.  

Well, here we are officially into summer.  Our list is smaller than it has been in past years.  
We have very few travel plans.  In fact, I am not traveling at all.  Craig is taking McKay to Scout Camp next week, and in July, the girls are going with him to Florida where he will be working while they attend EFY (Especially For Youth = church-sponsored, week-long, youth camp.)  He will also being going to Alaska in August with his dad and brothers, and then ending in Utah where he will pick up Savannah from BYU and drive her home.  I, however,  am happily staying home from all camps and other forms of travel, and looking forward to a lovely, balanced summer filled with trips to the pool, picture taking expeditions, some consistent blogging, and lots of watermelon consumption!     

I have a feeling that Fall, and all of it's upcoming chaos, will rapidly be upon us, so I will be basking in the uneventfulness of the next two months, and tanking up on some peace and quiet.  

Happy summer!  Hopefully your plans include lots of fun and relaxation and a few goals that you can check off.  

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  1. I love it!
    I really love it!
    Enjoy every single moment of your cozy, at home, relaxing summer. : )
    Hugs, my friend!