Thursday, June 11, 2015

Girls Camp 2015

Another year of Girls Camp has come and gone...thankfully, I did not have to go this year.  ...something about Texas heat and sleeping in tents and having limited access to bathroomsisn't all that appealing to me

But how very grateful I am for the wonderful YW leaders who sacrifice their comfortable beds, time with their families, and indoor plumbing to go camping for three days with my girls...and also remember to send me pictures!  I just love those women.  
I took this picture in the parking lot at 5:30am and then hopped back in my car and headed home before my body realized it was awake.  The girls were peppy and excited, though!

Apparently the first thing Emma did when she got to camp was put up her hammock and break out the uke...because why wait for a camp fire when you can just sing all day long? 

This amazing group of 4th years went off on a 7-mile canoe trip and overnight camp out on a completely different little island all by themselves for the first night.  Emma was tired and dehydrated and covered in mosquito and chigger bites when they got back to camp, but she LOVED it!  She and her cute companion totally bonded, too, which is always a great thing.  

And then there was the sister reunion back at camp on'd think these girls had never been apart before...

The reunion at home was pretty snuggly, too.  We all missed their vivacious little personalities around the house, and we are SO happy to have them back where they belong tonight.  

I am so grateful for the countless hours of preparation and many, many hands that helped pull all of this together to ensure these girls had a great time.  Girls Camp is no small event!  Both Megan and Emma had only positive things to say about their experience and they are both so happy they went.  What a HUGE difference a few days (and a LOT of behind the scenes work) makes for these girls!    


  1. Yes, Girls Camp is a lot of fun - but a lot of work for the leaders. I am so thankful for leaders who care so much to spend that kind of time and energy on the youth. They truly have an eternal impact. Enjoy the coming week.

  2. It seems that you had a wonderful time at camp! I would definitely love to try canoeing sometime, especially if it is as wonderful as that place. Anyway, I’m sure the mosquito bites and slight discomfort are worth all the memories you had of this wonderful summer. Cheers!

    Andrea Wilkins @ Getaway Outdoors

  3. Wonderful post and such lovely photos! Your photo collage header is beautiful! :)

  4. Wonderful post and such lovely photos! Your photo collage header is beautiful! :)