Sunday, April 12, 2015

"The Sabbath is a Delight"

Last week, during General Conference, Craig and I were in separate places but listening to the same talks, and we both felt moved by one in particular, The Sabbath is a Delight by Elder Russell M. Nelson.  Typically, on Sunday nights after dinner, we re-read a Conference talk with the kids as part of our Family Home Evening.  This week as we discussed which one we wanted to read as a family, both of us felt drawn to this talk.  

Sundays aren't completely holy in our home.  We DO get up and go to church.  There IS good music playing in the mornings.  We DON'T participate in activities that require us to work or spend money.  But aside from that, from the time we walk in the door after church our life looks a whole lot like the life we live throughout the rest of the week.  

"How can you ensure that your behavior on the Sabbath will lead to joy and rejoicing?  In addition to your going to church, partaking of the sacrament, and being diligent in your specific call to serve, what other activities would help to make the Sabbath a delight for you?  What sign will you give to the Lord to show your love for Him?"

After we read this talk together, we decided to each eliminate something that was not necessarily bringing joy to our Sabbath day, and also to replace it with something that would draw us closer to the Savior.  

Every week...well, every day, really...I scribble down notes and thoughts in my journal.  I carry it with me everywhere.  On some days, especially at church, there is so much that I'm inspired to do because of the things I hear.  I write it all down, including things I want to do during the week, notes I want to write to people, things I need to take pictures of, books I need to read.  And too often, that's where they stay.  Great ideas and inspiration that is left un-acted upon.  I'm pretty sure that's not what the Lord intends when He whispers those things to me.  

So, today, as we begin our tiny steps toward making our Sabbath days more holy, I decided to re-read my journal notes from the week and act on a few of those things I wrote down.  How immensely fulfilling to actually complete a few things in there...on the very day that I was inspired to write them!  I don't even need to put them on my To Do list for the week because they're already done.  There has also been a change in my Gospel Doctrine team which means I will be teaching for the next two weeks.  What a challenge!  And what an awesome way to be compelled to read my lesson in advance instead of taking a week off like I usually do.  It's not a terrible thing to be constantly planning a weighty Gospel Doctrine lesson.  Days off aren't always beneficial for me.  Hopefully the early start and the consistency of lesson preparation for the next few weeks will lead to better lessons!  I could certainly use that.  

Elder Nelson's talk last week was a tiny invitation that both Craig and I heard and decided to accept.  I'm sure we won't be perfect at it immediately, but as we make small efforts to change and move toward Him, I know there will be significant blessings.   I love Conference and the opportunity it brings to make changes, refine habits, and move to higher ground.  

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  1. That was a great talk and it was a great conference. So much inspiration to do better. Thanks for sharing. You have inspired me to write a letter I have been thinking about writing all week!