Thursday, April 2, 2015

Desert Landscapes

I know, Spring Break has been over forever, but I was nesting the first week and then fasting the second, and now it's time to finally wrap up the details of our amazing trip to Arizona.

Who knew the desert was this beautiful??  I've been to Arizona before, but I don't recall ever really noticing the scenery.  The kids and I had a lot of time to explore the desert, and we were all happily amazed at all the different varieties of cacti, the vastness of the desert forest, and at the life that exists among all these prickly things.  

On the night we arrived in Tucson, we drove into the Tahono O'odam Indian Reservation on our way to Kitt Peak Observatory.  This is the view from about halfway up the mountain.  

On our second day, I took the kids through Saguaro National Forest and to the Sonora Desert Museum, which is less like a museum and way more like a desert zoo...and we loved it!

And on our way home, Craig and the kids toured Biosphere 2 while I stayed out on the cafe patio and enjoyed the wisteria and the desert mountain breeze.  

We all concluded that Arizona is a pretty perfect place to be in the spring.  The weather was perfect for our entire trip and we absolutely loved seeing scenery that it SO very different from anything we've ever seen before.  Isn't the earth such an amazing place to live?? 

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