Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Funny Things My Kids Say

I really should carry around a little note pad so I can write down all the funny things my kids say in a week.  

Savannah:  "Will you make me a chili dog?"  (This was after a 5-hour shift at work.)  
Me:  Sure.
Megan:  "Savannah, what are you going to do when you're in college and Mommy isn't around to make you dinner?"
Savannah:  "I'll just have a crock pot and throw everything in before I leave.  Then my dinner will be waiting for me when I get home."
Megan:  "You know, you can't make chili dogs in a crock pot."
Savannah:  "Of course you can.  You can make anything in a crock pot."  
(hmmm...it's a good thing I have until January to break the news to her that crock pots aren't magic.)

McKay:  "Can people be born with dread locks?" 
(In the 10+ years I have lived with this boy, the way his mind wanders is still a complete mystery to me.)

Savannah:  "Alyssa wants me to go with her to get a spray tan before the cruise."
Emma:  "That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.  Why would you PAY to look like a Dorito when you can just wait a week and get a real tan for FREE!?"  
(I have to agree.  Savannah, however, did not see the wisdom in her sister's comment.)

McKay:  When you go shopping with the girls, will you get me some basketball shorts?  
Me:  For the cruise?
McKay:  "No, just for my life."

McKay:  "Mommy, thanks for going to Pack Meeting even though you have a cold and you're contagious.  You're the best mom ever."  (Well, that makes it all worth it, doesn't it?
Hopefully I wasn't too contagious tonight.  I tried really hard to stay away from people and just lurk in the shadows.  I didn't even wear my hideous scout uniform that I hate so I wouldn't be as conspicuous.  Good thinking, huh?)

I love these hilarious kids.  My days are so boring when they're at school.   


  1. Smiling! My fave? Your adorable son wanting basketball shorts "just for his life." Love love love!!!!!!!

  2. Kids are so funny! I love the spray tan Doritos comment! Hope you are feeling better, friend!

  3. The comment I'm laughing over most is yours - the "hideous" scout uniform you hate. I find this hilarious. The things we do...and the Dorito tan. Funny! I've never been to a tanning booth. I'm scared of them.