Friday, March 28, 2014


After spending two full days on the ship, we were so excited to get to our first port, Cozumel, Mexico.  We were schedule to disembark by 8:00, so McKay and I woke up early to catch a few pictures.  

How exciting to disembark and be in MEXICO!!  

OK Here's the thing about bringing seasoned cruisers with you on your first cruise...they know how to do EVERYTHING!  And if they happen to speak Spanish that's even better.  This is a picture of the amazing Rodriguez's negotiating a van and a guide for all 13 of us for the entire day for a fraction of the cost that it would have been had we done this ourselves.  Amazing!  

We happily got into his van, and rode through Cozumel for about 20 minutes while he told us all the details of this part of Mexico.  And then he brought us to this amazing beach...  

We spent the entire day snorkeling and lounging on the beach while our cute driver WAITED for us!  And yep, the water is actually THAT color.  I didn't even edit any of those pictures.  We saw TONS of gorgeous, colorful fish, and I might have lingered for a really long time on the floating platform out there like a lizard basking in the sun.  After we were sufficiently exhausted, he took us on a tour of the rest of the area before driving us back to the terminal to board the ship.  It was seriously the most amazing day!  

What an awesome experience to see this beautiful part of the world.  We absolutely loved this place and this day.  


  1. I'm loving your photos. Brings back fond memories. On one of my cruises, the three older girls and I sailed out of the Port of New Orleans with some friends. We also went to Cozumel and hit a beautiful beach club for the day. At that time though, we had to be tendered in since a hurricane the summer before wiped out the ship docks. It still went smoothly though. Their economy really depends on tourism $$. Great family pictures and water pictures :)