Friday, March 7, 2014

Favorite Views

Craig is back to his regular travel schedule after two weeks at home and it's been pretty quiet around here, which means I've been restless.  Good restless, but restless nonetheless.  I can only sit for so long before I have to get up and rearrange furniture or organize something.  

This week, my beautiful birthday vase was the catalyst for some minor rearranging in the front entry.  I've had a million things in this space since we moved into this house, but I think this is my favorite.  
From my nest on the living room couch this week, I've had the most amazing view of this pretty spot.  I love that the sun shines in here in the afternoon.  I love the way that gorgeous turquoise color livens up a mostly brown, neutral space.  And I love that it's the first thing people see when they walk into my house.  It feels like it's finally a reflection of my personality.  Like a small collection of my favorite things are right where people can see them when they come into my home.  Finally.

And then yesterday I used a birthday gift card from my mom to get this beautiful rug...
Do you know how long I've been looking for an entryway rug?  A LONG time.  And, on a crazy impulse, with groceries melting in my car, I pulled into a Ross that I've never even been to, and poof!  The Rug Planets were in alignment and this one found me.  It's the perfect size, the perfect color, and it just pulls the whole space together.  I love it when that happens.  And I just love that red and turquoise combination lately.  

I was feeling pretty grateful for this house today thinking about all the parts of it that I love.  And then I realized that I've had favorite views in every house we've ever lived in.  That's the thing about living in a home long enough to get to know it.  You can transform all the rooms and corners into places that you want to look at and linger in.  Hopefully the other people who live here, and the people who come to visit feel the same way.  


  1. Love. Love. Love.
    Your view is stunning, beautiful. And charming, and cozy too.
    Yay you!

  2. Very pretty! We need a new entry rug! I may have to swing by Ross!

  3. I ALWAYS have admired your foyer from the pics you post! Blue is my favorite color and I love how you added bits of it in your foyer area.

  4. I adore it! That entry way is beautiful and the rug DOES tie it all together. Makes me want to do a redo.