Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Princeton, TX

It was a gorgeous fall day today, so I decided to turn up the songs and go for a drive.

This road looked interesting so I took it...
I think I might be slightly obsessed with cows.

But this unexpected emu was a fun surprise.

And I loved this cute little cemetery which you will see more of this weekend...

And this barn was my absolute favorite thing of the day!  Oh, how I wish I could have wandered around inside that thing.  (ok, I probably wouldn't have done that even if I could...too scary, but fun to think about!)

Now listen to this music while you pretend you're driving through acres and acres of cows and barns and pastures on a sunny day in October...and you will have the perfect day.  

Isn't the earth such a beautiful and amazing place?  I'm so glad I had some free hours to drive around looking at it today.  Unbelievably uplifting!  


  1. We were meant to be friends:) I loves cows and would totally wander around that barn with you!

  2. When things get "heated" in our house (schooling for example) I always say that I'm going to get in the car and drive away "one of these days". Shoot! Your fun drive is encouraging me to do it now! Have a great weekend. BTW, the pictures are super.