Saturday, October 19, 2013


This game is seriously growing on me!  I still can't watch it on TV to save my life, but in person with a vested interest in one of the players, it's a pretty darn fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon.  Especially if that Saturday afternoon happens to be one that's 58 degrees and beautiful and sunny.  (Oh, I love fall weather SO much!) 

The Sharks had a great game today.  McKay played 2nd base for about a second and a half before they slipped him back into his rightful place as catcher.  I just love all that gear.

 This is my favorite umpire.  He's hysterical and so awesome with the kids.  

They had a little trouble in the middle of the third inning so the coach had a little pow wow on the mound with everyone, but they worked it out and got back into the groove.

Oh, and not only did he do a great job catching today, but he also got two hits and batted in two runs.  Hooray!

Those awesome Sharks won 13-11.  Hooray for 10U baseball and a great Saturday morning at the ball field. 

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