Friday, September 13, 2013

High Five for Friday

Happy Friday the 13th!  We used to have reservations about this day, but now that we have a little boy whose birthday falls on the 13th and thinks that 13 is the luckiest number he's ever encountered, we embrace all the 13s in our lives.  Here's what's happening around our lucky #13 house this week...

1.  Sky Ranch
McKay had such a great time at his first ever sleep away camp.  Two whole nights and three whole days without his parents or his sisters.  He LOVED it.  Fortunately for me, my neighbor was one of the chaperones for this trip and texted me pictures/updates every few hours.  Hooray for watchful neighbors and successful camp experiences.  

2.  Lunch with the greatest neighbors on the planet!  
Lunch was great...because how can Mexican food not be great!  But I loved the company even more!  My neighbors, Jill and Karryn are the BEST!  (Of course they're not in the picture, because we're always too busy talking to remember to take pictures.) I am SO grateful to know these women.  Their kids are best friends with my kids.  They are surrogate parents, alternate carpool drivers, additional sets of watchful eyes, house sitters, emergency contacts, and most of all...dear, dear friends.  I could not have picked better people to live next door to and across the street from.

3.  11:11
Do you see this time of the day as often as I do?  I know, it happens just twice every 24 hours, but I seem to ALWAYS catch it every time it rolls around.  I don't know if it's lucky, or if I'm supposed to make a wish then, or if it means someone's thinking of me, but it's a fun coincidence that I've noticed A LOT lately.  I recently watched this blog video post on why all those 1111's cross our paths so often.  A little way out there, but kinda interesting.  

4.  Emma's Show Choir Dress
(please ignore the lovely bathroom background...)  Emma's show choir dress finally arrived.  We had to custom order the sizes, so they took a little longer to get here, but they turned out SO cute!  The color looks kinda purple in the picture, but it's actually a gorgeous royal blue.  It's so flowy and girly and will be so much fun to dance in.  The boys' will have matching royal blue vests and bow ties.  I can't wait to see them perform.  

5.  McKay's Clean Room
This has been on my list of things to do since we got back from Florida, but I just kept putting it off.  The kids all have their daily and weekly chores that they are responsible for, but every so often (usually right after school gets out and right after Christmas) we have to do some MAJOR cleaning and purging.  I decided to finally take on this job without McKay around to help (which made it so much easier and less traumatic.)  I got rid of a whole trash bag full of trash and half a box of old toys and clothes that don't fit.  Hopefully it'll stay like this for a while after he gets home.  

Hope this Friday the 13th is a great one for you and that you're having a wonderful September!  

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  1. Cleaning and purging and reorganizing? One of my favorite things in the world! Sad...I know!

    Your daughter's dress is beautiful!

    Have a nice evening, friend!