Friday, September 6, 2013

High Five for Friday

Phew this week has been so crazy busy!  We have been launched right into another school year.  Here are a few of the things I remembered to take pictures of and be grateful for this week.

1.  Early Morning Seminary
Love that my high school girls get to start their days armed with the power and spirit of the scriptures.  And I love that they are so happy to be there.  <3

2.  Savannah's Hair
She decided to go get her hair cut while I was in Vegas and didn't even tell me until I walked out of the airport and saw her cute sassy cut!  It is adorable and SO her!  We all love her sassy, adventurous spirit.

3.  Fixing Cars

McKay got to happily tag along with Craig and his boy scouts while they worked on their Mechanics merit badge.  (McKay's the short one in the back who can stand up straight underneath that Porsche.)

4.  Football Season in Allen

Texas high school football season is upon us once again.  I love the games, but I REALLY love the BAND!  Love that sound filling the stadium and LOVE those 800 kids filling the field.  Go EAGLES!

5.  Missionaries at the Football Game

Can you see all those little white shirts sprinkled in the front rows of the stands?  Those are LDS missionaries who got special permission to attend an Allen football game because, can't really serve part of your mission in the Allen area and NOT be in that amazing stadium.  Besides, there are 18,000 people available to talk to about the gospel!  Go missionaries!

Have a happy, safe, wonderful first weekend of September!  


  1. Oh my...that high school football shot is amazing! Wow!

    I LOVE your daughter's hair cut! She is stunning! : )

    Enjoy your weekend, friend!

  2. Savannah is heart-stoppingly gorgeous - and it's coming from her smile and personality, which just BURSTS through in that photo!!!