Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Foggy Lessons

I'm not a big fan of foggy or rainy days.  I prefer sunshine and clarity.

So I was more than a little disappointed to wake up to yet another day of this...

This kind of weather motivates me to do nothing good, to procrastinate, to sulk, and to spend way too much time taking my mental and emotional temperature, which is never a good thing.  

But after dragging myself out of bed at 5:00am, going through the morning routine with the kids, and then coming home to a dreary, cold, too quiet house, something outside a different window caught my attention.

I tried to get a video of them, but they were too small and too fast to catch...but in the middle of those foggy, half naked trees in my backyard, two of the happiest birds on the planet were singing and chirping and flying around in circles like this was the best day of their whole little lives.  

Isn't it weird how looking out a different window and watching something find total joy and happiness can change your whole perspective?  

I still feel a little bit dull and lifeless today, and I'm not sure there will be much running around happening, but because of those little birds, I did turn on some music and sing a little.  And I did make my bed and run a brush through my hair.  And that's a better start to this day than the one I had planned.

So...Thanks, happy little birds, for sprinkling a little sunshine into my foggy week!  

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  1. I haven't read your blog for a while...but I can relate to some of your sentiments. Now that we've been in Utah for several weeks, I have settled into the reality that we actually live here and we are not going back to TX any time soon...ever, really. It's sad when I think about it. Although we have many friends and family here...they all have their lives and routines. Count your blessings that you have 3 kids still at home. Grant is at BYU...we are all alone...well, I am. Bill is crazy busy at work, so he's good. I was called to serve in the Stake YW presidency a couple of weeks ago, so those responsibilities have helped fill my time. Hope you are well:)