Monday, December 19, 2016


Hello again! 

Less than a week till Christmas, so crazy! This was a super great week for us. We are staying busy, happy, and feeling fairly successful as we both try to get to know the people here better. Something I've been thinking about lately is just how we can make Christmas more meaningful. In Relief Society yesterday, we talked about the story of Christ's birth, and how he is the perfect example for us to follow. I had an interesting thought as I was thinking about how there was no room for Jesus in any of the inns on the night of His birth. Christmas is the time to celebrate our Savior, but it is also the time when people are the most stressed. We asked members at church how they were doing yesterday, and if they were excited for Christmas, and most of the answers we got were: "I'm so tired, I can't wait for it to be over," or "I have parties to plan for, food to make, guests coming over, presents to wrap, a house to decorate, I can't even think straight!" While we offered our help to anyone who wanted it, I thought it was so sad that Christmas is the most hectic time of the year. How ironic it is that this is the time when we should be letting Christ into our lives more, but our "inns" are so full of candy and toys and decorations, that we have no room for Him.

So, how can we make Christmas a little more "Christmassy"?

Gute Frage. (Good question.) As a missionary that's not really a problem. Although missionary work is very stressful, and there is even more to do during this time of the year, EVERY day for me is CHRISTmas!  I am preaching of Him and rejoicing in Him and learning about Him every single day! And it can be that way for you too! So for all you normal people, try to set aside some time this week to turn off the Mariah Carrey, put down the frosting bags, stop shopping for presents, and really think about what this is all about. Why are we giving presents to people? Why are we singing Christmas carols? What is all of this FOR and what does it MEAN? Do things because it's what Christ would do. Celebrate with all of these fun traditions because you are REJOICING in the greatest gift the world has ever received. Our Redeemer and Healer and Savior, Jesus Christ! Make a snowman (unless you live in Alabama), eat some cookies, and let Christ take this Christmas stress away. That's what He's there for, to lighten our loads and burdens. He would probably love to do that for you ESPECIALLY during the season celebrating His birth; I know that He has done it for me!

I love you all, and wish you a FROHE WEIHNACHTEN! :)
(Still hasn't snowed in Solothurn yet)

Liebe Grüße,
Sister Thunell

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