Wednesday, January 7, 2015


I love this quote.  It lives in the back of my head all the time and pushes me to do the things I would normally talk myself out of.  

Yesterday, I got a text from Savannah that she and her roommate were making cookies for some friends.  And then late last night she sent this picture...
Apparently she was inspired to make a pie for her friend from home who is also a new arrival at BYU and who just made the rugby team!  (Yay Koa!)

With Savannah's example and that quote running through my head, I decided to throw myself into acting on some generous thoughts today.  I was nervous about a few of 50 or so...but at the end of the day, I realized that Sister Kimball was totally right.  How can a generous thought be a bad thing?  Who doesn't appreciate a thank you note or a compliment or baked goods?  

It was a nice way to spend a not-so-random January 7.  

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  1. So sweet! Did she get her hair cut? I love that look!