Friday, January 30, 2015

High Five for Friday

Oh, what an exhausting week.  We've all recovered from our various heartaches and disappointments.  Thanks to those of you who are always so sweet to write your notes and texts of concern.  I totally appreciate it and feel uplifted by all that love.  

There were some great things that happened this week, too, though, that really shouldn't be neglected.

1.  Efficiency
Whoever thought of this was brilliant!  Two sizes of little baggies in ONE box.  It's the small things that make such a big difference in life, don't you think?

2.  Sunny Weather
There is nothing that brightens up mid-January more than an unexpectedly warm week!  It was almost 70 degrees this week, and the sun was up early and bright every day.  I had to abandon the boots and socks I usually wear with these leggings and look for springier shoes...which I found in Savannah's closet.  Oh, the blessings of having a daughter who leaves stuff behind.

3.  Treats
This is actually leftover from last weekend, but I found the picture on my phone and realized it needed a space in my blog history.  Craig and McKay went on an ice cream run and because they know I'm not a huge fan of ice cream, they usually don't get me anything.  But I am a fan of non-dairy frozen when they passed this sorbet section they texted and asked which one I wanted.  Hooray for unexpected treats!

4.  Surprises in the Mail
Hooray for BYU mail from my girl this week!  Savannah wanted me to get a BYU Mom shirt when we were in Provo in January, but I just couldn't find one that didn't look like it belonged on a BYU Grandma.  Apparently she's been looking this whole time, and finally found one that was she bought it and mailed it to me!  It totally made my whole week!! 

5.  Inventive Kids
The dog on the left is the dog of my dreams.  Really any of those moppy looking things are the dog of my dreams.  I would LOVE to have one, I think.  But Craig is hesitant because there's work involved with a pet.  And I'm hesitant because I'm not great with living things.  Plants can't even survive in this house.  And a couple of us are very allergic to pets.  Therefore a moppy dog probably isn't in my near future.  The kids felt sorry for me because I keep longing for this little dog, though, so Emma bought a mop head from the store.  And then McKay fixed it to one of his stuffed animal puppies.  And poof!  Instant, hassle-free, fur-free, maintenance-free, moppy dog!  We're getting pretty attached to him.  

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  1. :) Your post made my day! From your no longer anonymous friend. . . . ;)