Sunday, April 27, 2014

To Be American

I don't even know what to write about this experience.  I don't think there are words that can adequately express the way I felt after our concerts ended on Saturday night.  

Last September when I auditioned for DMCO, I really had no idea what I was getting into.  I had no idea how hard we would work every Thursday night during rehearsals.  I had no idea I was capable of not just singing, but memorizing insanely challenging musical arrangements.  I had no idea what it would feel like to stand in the choir loft at the Meyerson and sing with a full orchestra for hundreds of people.  And I had absolutely no idea how much I would love it.  Thursdays have become my favorite day of the week.  

We started working on this music in late January and with the exception of a couple of weeks off for spring break, we have spent the last three months tirelessly trying to learn and perfect these songs that represent a little glimpse of American history.  The directors each shared with us their vision for this concert and a brief outline of what they intended for the evening of the concert.  But none of us had any idea until Saturday night how it was all going to come together.  There are so many independent parts of this group...three children's choirs, a high school choir, the orchestra, a narrator...and none of us even saw each other until the final dress rehearsal 45 minutes before the concert began!  Miraculously, it all came together, though, at 5:00pm on Saturday night.  

Glenn Beck narrated the concert and the choir and orchestra underscored the extensive knowledge and artifacts he brought with him.  I knew that he would be there, but honestly, I didn't have any prior Glenn Beck experience, so I wasn't sure what to expect.  Glenn Beck is a very kind and gracious man behind the scenes and in rehearsals, but on stage, his personality and voice amplifies.  He is unapologetically bold and extremely passionate...and even a little riotous sometimes.  I missed a lot of the details of his narration, but the audience applauded wildly and cheered often, so I assume they enjoyed what he had to say.  

I loved being able to contribute to the awesome vision the directors had for this concert.  I loved being surrounded by amazingly talented people who make me want to be better than I ever wanted to be before.  I loved the feeling of fulfillment after successfully remembering all those words and all that music...TWICE! a result of all of those hours of preparation, and many many mini-lectures on American history, I'm pretty sure I love this country just a little bit more than I did in January.  What an honor and a privilege to be able to participate in that concert, with those people, in that space on Saturday night.  I am so grateful for the wildly improbable way that I stumbled upon DMCO last year and made it through the audition process and now through three successful concerts.  

Isn't it amazing how sometimes the opportunities that come to us in life are even better than the things we conjure up in our heads?  

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If you are going to be in either the Salt Lake City or Los Angeles area at the end of May, you should definitely make a point to see this concert.  It is amazing!

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  1. Haunani, This sounds wonderful! I have always said if I could pick a talent, it would be singing. I can not imagine how you juggled life as a mom and managed to get to all of your practices...I am very impressed! So happy your concert turned out great!