Monday, April 21, 2014


Savannah went to Mormon Prom over the weekend with a cute boy that she asked last week.  Remember this...?

Her date's name is Koa Taggart and his family moved into our ward a few months ago.  Isn't he just the cutest thing?  He's so smart and funny.  He's Hawaiian.  And he happens to have a full ride academic scholarship to OU (yeah, his school choice is unfortunate) where he will be playing Rugby next year.  

Koa picked Savannah up from our house...

And then they met the rest of their group at Watters Creek to take pictures...  

We were so lucky to have one of the boys' moms take all of these amazing group shots.  She is a fantastic photographer.  

After pictures, another one of the boys' parents hosted a fancy dinner at their home, and then all eight kids were off to prom in Frisco.  I can't even say often enough how much I love these kids. This is just a handful of the 20 that Craig and I get to teach every week in Sunday School and they are all just amazing.  I'm so grateful that Savannah has these awesome people to associate with.  She had such a great time and I heard nothing but happy things about the whole prom experience.  Since her plan is to graduate in December, this is potentially the first and last prom she will get to attend, so we were extra grateful that it was a perfect night for her.  


  1. Oh, my friend! What a wonderful night for your beautiful daughter!!!!!!!!!!!
    So happy for her.
    And I agree...her date looks like a super nice young man!

  2. Beautiful!! They all look so amazing!

  3. What a great prom! I know my son is looking forward to our "Mormon Prom" May 10. Great pictures of cute couples on a fun night.