Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Snow Days

We've had an unexpectedly long weekend.  It started raining on Thursday night, and the temperature dropped quickly, so we knew there would be some ice and a little snow.  Texas is not equipped for ice and snow.  So they cancel things.  Emma's Little Mermaid shows on Thursday and Friday night were the first things to be cancelled.  Then Seminary.  Then school.  

On Friday morning, we woke up to this beautiful sight…and the snow/freezing rain kept coming down through the morning.  We knew we wouldn't be going anywhere.
We spent the day in jammies, pulled together a hot chocolate bar and invited some frozen missionaries to come over to warm up.  Fortunately their apartment is within walking distance.

They happily and gratefully took us up on our offer.  And stayed for the rest of the day.  
 And came back the next day…
And the next…

For three straight days, we played games, ate food, colored pictures, baked sugar cookies and empanadas, decorated my house for Christmas, and just hung out…TOGETHER.  Not once did Savannah retreat to the privacy of her bedroom, not once did Emma get mad and slam any doors or complain that there was nothing to do.  Not once did we run out of things to keep everyone happy and entertained.  And not once did we run out of food…which was pretty miraculous because these kids can EAT!

I loved this weekend.  I loved that despite the most well thought out and organized plans, we were forced to toss our calendars and schedules out the window and do something totally different.  There were so many times this weekend that I looked at my family and my heart swelled with gratitude that they love each other, they love us, and they love these two missionaries.  I'm so grateful for a snowy, icy weekend that helped us all bond together a little more tightly than before.  

Our three-day weekend extended into a four-day weekend because there was lingering ice on the roads yesterday and school was cancelled again, but today the sun is coming out, things are beginning to thaw, and everyone is safely back at school and work.  As we jump right back into a full schedule of things that have now carried over into this week, I am so grateful to have had that precious 72 hours filled with unscheduled togetherness.  


  1. This... I love!
    I bet it was fun, fun, fun!
    And cozy!

  2. Looks so fun and that hot chocolate looks super yummy!