Thursday, December 4, 2014

Random Stuff I Love Today

I lingered in the temple this morning and felt floods of gratitude for a whole giant list of stuff. It's sort of random, but I thought I'd write it down so I can remember it on those days when the list feels shorter.

  • a body that works 
  • the ability to hear glorious Christmas music
  • changing leaves...finally
  • Christmas lights coming up around the neighborhood
  • late nights
  • energetic mornings
  • jammies
  • new challenges
  • the Grs' upcoming visit
  • unhurried, unscheduled days
  • lunch with Amy
  • chilly, sweater weather
  • heated mattress pads
  • fuzzy slippers
  • trumpet music
  • Conference talks
  • healthy, happy children
  • bloggy friends and Insta-sisters
  • windows 
  • soup
  • new friends
  • old friends
  • Monday morning Institute classes
  • a good book
  • nativities
  • a new 2015 planner that fits in my purse
  • Christmas music...wait, I think I already said that.  Oh well, I do actually love it enough to write it down twice on the same list.
  • and a favorite new perch for the month where I can sit and contemplate all of that stuff


  1. I made the list!!!! Hooray!!!
    And that list is wonderful!
    I love your special spot...I fear I would never move!
    Enjoy this special time with your sweet family. : )

    1. Oh yes, you absolutely are on every list of gratitude I have. I am so grateful for you every day. Love technology, love your blog, love you! <3