Friday, September 12, 2014


Have I mentioned that I am ridiculously impatient?  

Well, I am.

I struggle on a fairly regular basis with the need to wait and the inability to do so.  

I am, by nature, a striver and an orchestrator and a manipulator of events in order to accomplish the things that I know are supposed to happen in my life, and to expedite them as quickly as possible.  Because why know a thing is coming and then have to wait forever for it...that seems unnecessary, don't you think?  

I peeked at my Christmas presents when I was a little girl.  

I skip to the end of books...only the really, really good ones, though.

I Google to find out what happens at the end of the movie...while I'm sitting in the theatre.  

Clearly, waiting is hard for me.  

But, guess what happens when I restrain myself and exercise even the smallest particle of patience...EVERYTHING!  All the good stuff happens when I stop hounding people for it, whining about it, and worrying that it won't ever happen.  

Answers come.  Inspiration comes.  Motivation comes.  The clock slows down.  The weather changes.  People show up with a plan.  Opportunities present themselves.  Windows open.  Songs have the perfect lyrics.  And sunflowers grow in the middle of a wheat field.  

"God gives us vision to point to what's coming.  It is a witness in our spirit of the dreams, promises, purposes, destiny and calling He has stirred within us.  But there is a season of waiting that comes between the time you receive the vision and the time it comes to pass.  God's timing is perfect.  And as you walk in step with Him, you don't have to worry that you'll "miss it."  Don't get anxious when you start to ache for the vision or the dream to come to pass; don't force your way of making it happen.  He is more eager than you are for you to step into the fulfillment of every promise He has given you, so STAY THE COURSE.  Wait for it.  And before you know it, the answer comes.  The breakthrough happens.  The dream comes to life.  The relationship flourishes.  The miracle bursts forth.  He won't be a single day late in bringing the fulness of His plan and its purpose to life in your life."   - Andrea Howey

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