Monday, August 25, 2014

The First Day of School

Oh, what a weekend it has been...

It's a miracle that any of the people in my house survived the chaos.  We were slightly over scheduled all weekend, but I think we could have handled it better if it hadn't been the weekend before school started.  Too many things to do, and too many places to be, combined with the various emotional drama that three teenagers and their mother bring to any and all transitions.  I'm pretty sure I have personally strained every one of my relationships in the last 72 hours, and the weight of that is still lingering.

We survived though, and they all made it to school (I'm fairly sure) with lunches and backpacks and a couple of them had pens and notebooks (I think.)  

We had just enough time (and patience) for exactly three pictures of the three different shifts as they left this morning.  

I'm grateful for a new, "more consistent, less frat-house" kind of schedule.  I'm grateful for a few hours of quiet before everyone comes home.  I'm grateful that we made it through the chaos of the weekend.  And I'm grateful that our home doesn't typically run this way.  Hopefully, everyone's emotions will settle as the school schedule becomes more least until Thursday when early morning Seminary starts... 

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