Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Bike Rodeo

McKay and I went to our monthly Cub Scout pack meeting/bike rodeo last night.  Can you see by the look on his face that he's not super excited about being there?  It's funny to watch these kids of mine as they become old enough to move into new programs and organizations.  At first, they are filled with excitement and enthusiasm, but as they approach the next transition, they get antsy and move on in their little heads before they've officially moved on in age.  McKay will be 11 next month and will cross over into the Boy Scout program.  He's completed all of the Webelos requirements and earned his Arrow of Light.  And enduring additional Cub Scout activities is a bit agonizing.  I looked at this picture this morning, though, and realized that he's pretty ready for that next stage.  His Cub Scout shirt is filled with achievements (that his mother finally sewed on permanently last night...)  He's outgrown the younger boys that are still excited about new Cub experiences.  And apparently he's outgrown that bike a little bit, too.  We're both very excited for the next stage of scouting, but we have loved this time in Cubs.  (I'm not-so-secretly hoping that I'll also get to transition out of Cub Scouts when McKay leaves...)  

The scouting program does amazing things for confidence levels in little boys.  They get to build rockets, and hike, and work as teams, and discover things , and shoot stuff.  And they earn badges for all of that fun!  It's really an awesome thing to be a part of, and I'm so grateful to all of the leaders who make events like this one the middle of the summer, with less than stellar attendance.  I'm grateful that McKay has been able to earn all those badges and beads in the last 3 years and that he can look at that shirt and be proud of his accomplishments.  

Boy Scouts, here we come!  (well, not WE!  I'm definitely NOT going to Boy Scouts with him!)

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  1. I totally love Scouting. What a great program for young men. Next stop -Eagle Scout!