Saturday, April 28, 2012


This afternoon while driving all of my children all over Allen for various sports, parties, jobs, etc., I saw this in front of my van...
A mommy duck and her little babies were making their way across a 4 lane divided highway!  Fortunately it was not a busy traffic day, so I stopped my van in the middle of the road and waited for them to get safely beyond any of my tires.  

There's something about watching a little duck family that just melts my heart.  This mommy duck was quacking a little and looking back every few seconds to make sure they were all still following.  TCD's friend and I watched from the window of the van as they made it safely across the other two lanes and up to the curb.  One by one, the ducks hopped up and over the curb where their mom was impatiently waiting.  Finally, the last little duck was the only one left.  It couldn't hop high enough.  It couldn't quite make it up onto the curb no matter how hard it tried.  So then it just sat there quacking little pitiful quacks, until finally the mommy duck let out one really loud "QUACK!" and that baby jumped right up onto the curb and walked into the field with its family.  (I wish I had that kind of effect on my family just with one really loud QUACK!)

Those little ducks totally made my day today.

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